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Webcasts have become popular tools for technology suppliers. A lot of the reason for their favor is the reach a Webcast offers: anywhere in the world, so long as the audience member has enough bandwidth.

So you can't beat a Webcast for cost, even though it's usually a more sterile encounter than a face-to-face lesson or networking event. Encompass has free Webcasts from HP more than any other vendor. A new one next week, on Sept. 27 at 1PM Eastern US time, offers instruction on HP's new storage products.

D2D and Virtual Tape, Today and Tomorrow is an hour with Mike Peebles, HP America's Enterprise Tape and Virtual Library Manager. The Webcast includes a free slice from this year's HP Technology Forum. Watching it offers the chance to "learn how virtual libraries and disk assisted backup can help with today’s data protection challenges." Encompass adds that the Webcast was one of the Top 10 sessions from the Forum.

Signing up includes several steps, if it's your first time to Webcast with Encompass. (See how we used the noun Webcast as a verb? Doesn't it annoy you? But it fits, doesn't it?)

Of course, we could say "watch and listen," because that's what nearly all Webcasts are limited to; not much chance to share a story. Sometimes Webcasts include phone hook-ups for a Q&A, sometimes not. (Now, a face-to-face meeting, there's always a hook up available there.)

Anyway, in next week's Encompass Webcast, the user group says that you can

    • Best utilize disk-assisted backup and virtual libraries to meet data protection needs like:
          o Remote Office / Branch Office backup
          o Improving backup & restore performance
          o Easing management of the growing data protection process
          o Getting data offsite for disaster recovery
    • Ramp up knowledge of emerging technologies in this space including:
          o Compression & de-duplication
          o Replication
          o Auto migration
    • Comprehend virtual library limitations in resolving data protection issues

To register, visit the Webcast's page on the Encompass site. Then

    If you have never participated in an Encompass/HP Webcasts click on 'First Time Users Click Here To Register'.
          o Please use hpencompass as your signup password
          o You will need to create a User ID and password for yourself; it is important that you remember this information as you will need it when you log into the website on the day of the Webcast.
          o Please be sure to test your PC on the HP Virtual Room 2-3 days prior to the webcast. If you any have problems when you test, please call the HP Virtual Room help desk at 888-351-4732 so that the problem can be solved prior to the Webcast.
          o Please note the RegonTap registration website will NOT work with Macs or Linux machines.


If you have participated in an HP/Encompass webcast in the past, enter your ID and Password and then select 'Course Catalog' and click on the webcast.