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Eloquence picks up a 3000 veteran

Marxmeier AG, creators of the IMAGE database replacement Eloquence, has picked up the services of an HP 3000 development legend to help create software that aids migration. Late in August Lars Appel, writing from a [email protected] address, posted a note in his independent consultant role to the Eloquence mailing list about a new patch bundle.

His message said, in part

We have recently released a set of patches for Eloquence B.07.10 that add the database replication functionality which will also be part of the upcoming Eloquence B.08.00 release in the future.

13 other patches are available, including components like the database server and utilities as well as the language core and related libraries.

Appel is another third-party catch, like Jeff Vance, from the HP retiree pool. Appel delivered Samba to the HP 3000 community in 1995, working on his own after his regular shift in HP Support in Germany. Eventually HP gave him travel opportunity to teach customers how to use and install the file-sharing tool, then bundled his work in MPE/iX.

A full report on the patch bundle, in HTML format, is available on the Eloquence Web site.

Based on customer feedback asking for some option of getting patch notifications and similar news, we figured that we might contribute value by occasionally posting short news or announcements to [the Eloquence] mailing list — for example, info on new patches or releases, as well as info on important new or updated documents on the Eloquence Web site.