Programs off limits, without passwords
Free 3000 terminal emulator earns update

The bounty of ODE, only a password away

Yesterday we forwarded a report from Stan Sieler, HP's most recent recipient of the "e3000 Contributor of the Year" award, on the state of HP 3000 diagnostics. One super diagnostic program, ODE, holds a wide range of test programs.

These testing pieces of software got more important during the last year, since HP mothballed its Predictive Support service for the HP 3000. Predictive dialed into a 3000, poked around to see what might be ready to break, then reported to HP's support engineers.

Diagnostics are a manual way to perform the same task, or fix something that's broken. ODE, a set of offline tools, is all tucked away behind a password that only HP's support staff can deliver for your 3000. Sieler reports:

I ran each one, and documented whether or not it requires a password. (A few utilities seem to have little or no use because HP hasn’t provided a method of saying “hey, my disk drive isn’t an HP drive, and it’s over here”.)

ODE is a collection of diagnostics/utilities, each different.


******             Offline Diagnostic Environment                    ******
******                TC  Version A.02.26                            ******
******                SysLib Version A.00.78                         ******
******                Loader Version A.00.62                         ******
******                Mapfile Version A.01.61                        ******

(ODE)     Modules on this boot media are:

filename    type    size     created   description
README2     TM      63       04/07/13  64 bit version that displays README fil
MAPPER2     TM      146      04/07/13  64 bit version of the system mapping ut
MEM2        TM      257      04/07/13  64 bit Memory diagnostic
AR60DIAG2   TM      590      04/07/13  Fibre Channel 60 disk array utility (64
ARDIAG2     TM      682      04/07/13  64 bit version of the ICE & ICICLE disk
ASTRODIAG2  TM      273      04/07/13  64 bit version of the ASTRO IO Controll
COPYUTIL2   TM      320      04/07/13  64 bit version of the Disk-to-tape copy
DFDUTIL2    TM      264      04/07/13  64 bit version of the Disk firmware dow
DISKEXPT2   TM      241      04/07/13  64 bit version of the expert disk utili
DISKUTIL2   TM      222      04/07/13  64 bit version of the nondestructive di
NIKEARRY2   TM      324      04/07/13  Nike disk array utility
VADIAG2     TM      906      04/07/13  hp StorageWorks Virtual Array Utility
WDIAG       TM      1084     04/07/13  CPU diagnostic for PCX-W processors
IOTEST2     TM      880      04/07/13  64 bit version that runs ROM-based self
PERFVER2    TM      126      04/07/13  64 bit version that runs ROM-based self

ODE> mem2
******                         Version B.02.27                       ******
Enter password or a <CR> to exit:

ODE> ar60diag2
******                            AR60DIAG2                          ******
******                         Version B.03.29                       ******
Enter password or a <CR> to exit:

ODE> ardiag2
******                             ARDIAG2                           ******
******                         Version B.05.11                       ******
Enter password or a <CR> to exit:

ODE> astrodiag2
******                           ASTRODIAG2                          ******
******                         Version B.00.25                       ******
Enter password or a <CR> to exit:

ODE> copyutil2
******                            COPYUTIL2                          ******
******                 Version B.01.11 (19th Mar 2004)               ******

no password
NOTE: didn't seem to want to see Seagate disk drive.

            Copy Utility (COPYUTIL) Help Menu

  UTILINFO  - Shows information on COPYUTIL including quick start info.
  HELP      - This menu, or use HELP <help item> for more detailed help.
  DISPMAP   - Displays the devices found.
  TAPEINFO  - Reads the header of a tape and displays the  information,
              such as the  product  string  and path of the  disk,  the
              creation date, the vol #, and so forth.
  TAPEDRVINFO  - Reads the hard compression mode of a tape drive and
              displays the information,
              The info is only available for SCSI/FIBRE DAT tape drives.
  DRVINFO   - Shows inquiry information of any disk drive or tape drive. 
  TLINFO    - Shows inquiry information for a Tape Library/Autochanger. 
              The addresses of robot hands, magazine slots and tape
              drives are listed there.
  TLMOVE    - Moves a tape from a magazine into a tape drive, or vise versa.
  BACKUP    - Copies data from a disk to tape(s).
  RESTORE   - Copies from tape(s) back to a disk (The tape must be made
              with COPYUTIL's BACKUP command).
  VERIFY    - After a successful BACKUP, by VERIFY user may double check
              the contents of the tape(s) with the data on the disk.
  COPY      - Copies from a disk device to another disk device.
              The supported devices are restricted to SCSI devices so far.
  FORMAT    - Formats a given disk back to its default values.
  TERSEERR  - Turns on or off the terse error flag.  Default is off.
  IGNOREERR - Turns on or off the ignore error flag.  Default is off.

ODE> dfdutil2
******           Disk Firmware Download Utility 2 (DFDUTIL2)         ******
******                 Version B.02.21 (23rd Sep 2003)               ******
No Disks were found. 

didn't seem to want a password.
Since Seagate disks are so prevalent, one would expect some means of
updating firmware on them ... if firmware updates exist.

ODE> diskexpt2
******                            DISKEXPT2                          ******
******                         Version B.00.23                       ******
Enter password or a <CR> to exit:

Note: although it doesn't "see" Seagate drives, you can configure them in
and access them.

ODE> diskutil2
******                            DISKUTIL2                          ******
******                         Version B.00.22                       ******
No supported devices found on this system.

Note: doesn't "see" Seagate drives, and you can't configure them in.

ODE> nikearry2
******                            NIKEARRY2                          ******
******                         Version B.01.12                       ******
Enter password or a <CR> to exit:

ODE> vadiag2
******                             VADIAG2                           ******
******                         Version B.01.07                       ******
Please wait while the system is scanned for Fibre Channel Adapters...
No Fibre Channel Adapters were found.  The test cannot continue.  Aborting.

(No password requested up to that point.)

ODE> wdiag
******                              WDIAG                            ******
******                         Version A.01.53                       ******
Enter password or a <CR> to exit:

(from a friend:)
WDIAG is the PCXW ODE based diagnostic program.  It is intended
to test the Processor of the various PCXW based systems in the offline
environment.  The program consists of 150 sections, 1/150,
and are organized into the following groups:

   1.  CPU data path tests, Sections 1/6 (6 sections)
   2.  BUS-INTERFACE tests, Sections 7/10 (4 sections)
   3.  CACHE tests, Sections 11/25 (15 sections)
   4.  TLB tests, Sections 26/34 (9 sections)
   5.  CPU instruction tests, Sections 35/86 (52 sections)
   6.  CPU extended tests, Sections 87/101  (15 sections)
   7.  Floating point tests, Sections  102/134 (33 sections)
   8.  Multiple processor tests, Sections  140/150 (11 sections)

ODE> iotest2
******                             IOTEST2                           ******
******                         Version B.00.35                       ******

no password required

ODE> perfver2
******                            PERFVER2                           ******
******                         Version B.00.15                       ******

no password required