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HP rolls out critical database repair

Right To Use can be included in an upgrade

As we reported in May, HP's new Right To Use licenses (RTU) are sometimes not needed during an upgrade from one HP 3000 to another. HP has simplified the tier structure of the 3000 family, according to business manager Jennie Hou and Jeff Bandle, liaison to the OpenMPE board.

"There are instances where if you do an upgrade, you stay in the same tier," Bandle said. "That essentially is a zero-cost upgrade."

HP still issues a RTU certificate in such a situation, Bandle added. As for the tier simplifaction, Hou said that HP is now using system horsepower as its guide.

"We simplified it by looking at HP 3000 Performance Units," Hou said, from Level 1 through a Level 7. The vendor wants the customer to feel a sense of investment protection, so long as the site stays within the same tier.

Those Performance Units took the place of industry-standard HPC benchmarks late in the 1990s. The model uses an HP 3000 Series 918 as a 10 units (a Series 39 "Classic" 3000, pre-RISC, is a 1) . The 3000 line's performance using PA-RISC stretches all the way to 768 units on the N-Class and 84 units on the A-Class servers.