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Resource 3000 calls community for survey

HP 3000 homesteading (and migration) supplier Resource 3000 wants to know how the HP 3000 community is managing to stay on the platform. The company posted a notice this week which asks for input on a 10-question survey.

Question 1 is "Are you or your company still operating an e3000? If your answer is "No," you are almost done with this questionnaire!"

But answer a yes and you can provide the community, including yourself, with a snapshot of 3000 homesteading (or migration) in 2007. Resource 3000 will summarize the survey results for all HP 3000 customers who respond. The survey is online at

Resource 3000's Steve Cooper said the survey's specific information "which promises to be interesting" will not be shared with any third party. He added that it's a chance to "share your
thoughts on where we are and where we're heading."

Cooper, who manages Resource 3000 partner member Allegro Consultants, said in an e-mail to the HP 3000 newsgroup

To better serve this still-vibrant community, we’d like to find out who’s going (why, how, and where to), who’s staying, and what their associated issues are. We, in turn, will share a summary of the results-which promise to be interesting-with all who participate in the survey.