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HP rolls out critical database repair

Last Friday afternoon, HP confirmed that it has released crucial repairs to the 3000’s database, a patch that disables the IMAGE/SQL Large File function for greater-than-4GB datasets (LFDS).

The software eliminates some data corruption potential on 3000s — the chance of mangling datasets that are built using HP's Large File design. LFDS are the default dataset when creating new 3000 databases.

HP’s 3000 business manager Jennie Hou reported that the patch was cleared for General Release on August 9 and is available from HP’s online IT Resource Center. The 3000 group's Jazz Web site has been updated with a new page devoted to the patch.

The GR status means that any HP 3000 customer will be able to download and use the patch, no matter which firm provides 3000 support for the customer. Until this general release date, the critical patch — which went into public beta test 10 months ago — was only available to HP's support customers.