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Two months after Micro Focus purchased rival COBOL maker Acucorp for $41 million, customers will learn this week how development plans will proceed for the 8.0 version of AcuCOBOL GT, the flagship product that's replacing many an application written in the 3000's COBOL II. Third party COBOLs were never very popular in the 3000 marketplace. Now they represent the only choices for the future — at least for those companies migrating from the 3000, and sticking with COBOL.

Wednesday, July 11 at 11 AM EDT, Micro Focus and Acucorp will lead customers through a Webcast to explain how the product line features will unfold. Much of the 3000 community relies on COBOL applications, and a good share of that community is headed toward platforms like Windows and Unix.

You must sign up for the Acucorp briefing. The company promises to e-mail details on July 10 to access the July 11 Webcast for those who fill out the form at


The Acucorp Web site promises executives from both companies during the event:

Join Drake Coker, Chief Consultant, Integration Acucorp at Micro Focus Solutions and Gary Crook, Vice President of Software Development at Micro Focus to hear about the upcoming release of version 8.0. Learn about the new developments in AcuXDBC™, AcuXUI™ and AcuBench® and hear about the technology direction going forward.

The presentation will be interactive, so perhaps answers about pricing and licensing changes will come unprompted from the COBOL executives. HP 3000 customers have enjoyed a decades-long honeymoon without run-time fees for their COBOL apps. Acucorp used the same model for its licensing. Pricing is only one element of the product picture, of course. For the small to midsize HP 3000 customer, however, run-time fees might become another migration expense to budget for.