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Maintain your independent path

Here in the US it's Independence Day, a holiday we celebrate to mark the country's trip down a new path independent of its founding authority figure, Great Britain. (I am told the British celebrate today as "the anniversary of the time we got rid of those pesky colonists.")

Which goes to show us how anything can be viewed from more than one point of view, so long as you have an open mind. While we take a bit of a break from the news beat today, I'll remind you to embrace your independence as an HP 3000 partner or customer, whenever that new course suits you. If you're migrating, your company's schedule will determine you new platform and when you will move, not HP's support deadline.

One major manufacturer's division will be on HP 3000 systems until 2013, we heard at the Tech Forum, waiting their turn to become the latest SAP installation. Recent news shows us that HP is slipping out of the support business in degrees, with 2009 being the Year of Custom Legacy Support.

If you're homesteading, you are building a new country, as it were, creating new states of supply and support independent of HP's. Or you may be looking for work as your longtime employer steps away from the HP 3000. Just this week we found notice of a need for 3000 experience, up in the Pacific Northwest at Bellevue Community College. Or a search for HP 3000 experience to support a migration from the Allbase database.

The Center for Information Services (CIS) is seeking candidates for the following position: Senior Analyst, SMS/FAS. Work as a programming analyst to solve or assist Customer Services representatives in resolving software, hardware, and procedure problems working with legacy applications written in COBOL and Transact for the HP 3000 environment. Qualified candidates will have 5 years total education/experience in the use of COBOL, Transact and contemporary software programming languages using an HP 3000 platform.

Then this one, forwarded by OpenMPE board director Paul Edwards:

Must Have

Strong C programming experience on MPE, HP-Unix and Windows
ALLBASE database Experience

Nice To Have

HP VRS / Validity  Experience
Batchnet / HPSB
Maestro / TIDAL Schedulers
Turbo DB / RDBMS
Java / Cobol experience on MPE is a plus.

The length of this assignment is a minimum of 6 months with likely
extensions until the MPE box is phased out. Location is Houston TX.


Ron White
Business Development Manager
Adea Solutions, Inc.
(972) 354-3742 Office
(214) 287-1753 Mobile
[email protected]

If you're still using Allbase or Transact in 2007, it's safe to say you're on a path independent of HP. (By the way, a couple of third party firms would like to help you use Transact on a 3000 for years to come.) Sticking with Transact or Allbase might qualify as a future as unlikely as any the British imagined for the Colonies. Fireworks are a big part of this day here. Don't be shy about making your own bang by following an independent path.