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Strength in numbers for 3000 conferences?

GHRUG postpones MPE/iX conference

After securing new dates in the same location, the Greater Houston Regional User Group (GHRUG) has postponed its September MPE/iX conference. Group president Richard Pringle cited a lack of time to prepare the kind of meeting that a 3000 community in transition deserves.

The group of volunteers needs more time, according to the GHRUG statement .

Our HP 3000 Conference scheduled for September 14-15, 2007, is being postponed.  "We have always wanted to offer the highest quality MPE/iX International conference," said president Richard Pringle. "In a community with such a wide range of transition and training needs, creating the best possible conference required more time than we first estimated. Our key sponsors and committee members remain fully engaged for our new conference dates. New programs and events are in process today for Spring, March 14 and 15 of 2008 — a year with critical impact for the 3000 community. Your patience and participation is appreciated."

The GHRUG, the last outpost of the once-widespread Interex user groups, is preparing a conference to provide both homesteading skills and migration tactics and techniques, according to its board. The group voted to name the conference after the HP 3000 operating system, planning four tracks and including soft skills in management.

The University of Houston at Clear Lake campus remains the site for the conference, with meeting dates secured from the university officials. The board is conducting an election through this week to lock in director seats and spark more detailed plans for the '08 conference.