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Free and discount Client Systems offerings

For the next six weeks or so, Client Systems is giving away a Series 9x8 PA-RISC HP 3000 to everyone who purchases an N-Class HP 3000 (also PA-RISC, but a whole lot faster. Like the difference between a HP Relative Performance Rating of 39 for the biggest 9x8, and 499 for the smallest N-Class Client Systems is selling.)

That modest 9x8 — which still runs MPE/iX 7.5, if you're willing — isn't the only free offering from this former 3000 North American Distributor for HP. Client Systems reports it will do a free Disaster Recovery assessment, which will include

  • Inventory report
  • Components at risk (no longer supported or scarce in the market)
  • Suggested DR systems and/or components
  • Cost of suggested DR systems and/or components

Those free Series 9x8s sometimes come pretty cheap these days; a few have been offered on eBay for under $200 for the low-power models. But that's still a bit of a bonus "while supplies last." Client Systems is also cutting prices an extra 20 percent for 3000s purchased as Disaster Recovery systems.

The deals end on August 31. Prospects can contact Gary Marcove at Client Systems to arrange the DR assessment, discount, or the free-with-purchase 9x8 HP 3000.

Client Systems is also one of the few outlets for remarketed 3000s to put its pricing out there for anyone to see. We note: this doesn't mean that the prices are competitive, or the lowest on the used-3000 marketplace. But at least there's one marker for the value of a 3000 other than eBay.

Client Systems likes to remind customers these systems come pre-loaded with MPE/iX, a user license and IMAGE. Most used systems on the market show up with this software, too, and the license is a (usually straightforward) transfer deal. Everybody's N-Class and A-Class systems have unlimited user licenses, another a market-wide feature.

For the curious, the Client Systems HP 3000 pricing, discounted for DR:

N-Class Servers

N550/4-way $75,900
N500/4-way $95,900
N750/4-way $119,900

A-Class Servers

A400/150Mhz $ 6,000   
A500/140Mhz  $12,000

9x9 Servers 
(various user-level licenses are available)

929 $ 4,800
939 $ 6,400
969 $11,200
979 $14,400