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Acucorp, Micro Focus sketch future together

COBOL vendors unveil Webcast access

COBOL providers Micro Focus and Acucorp have shared their Wednesday, 11AM EDT Webcast access information with the world today, delivering on a promised e-mail with the detail.

At a Live Meeting Web address, HP 3000 customers with COBOL apps to migrate, plus the existing Micro Focus and Acucorp installed base, can access the news about the future of AcuCOBOL v. 8.0.

Regardless of your desktop capability, you can dial in for the audio of the briefing by calling 866-220-1452 in the US; 0800 953 1444 in the UK; and 44 (0) 1452 542 300 from everywhere else in the world.

The vendor's conference ID for the call-in bridge line is "Acucorp Prepares for Version 8" or ID# 6565093. Meanwhile, if you're new to the Live Meeting software, you can log in on the Web as early at 10:30 EDT — a good idea for any who need time to configure Live Meeting.

Acucorp's solution for COBOL apps recently earned praise from the 3000 user community. The AcuCOBOL-GT extend suite has a command line compiler as well as Acubench, a graphical interface, for development.

The magic code is "AcucorpPreparesV8" for the Webcast. The audio bridge will be available for dial-in 15 minutes before Webcast time.

Tony Summers of Smith Williamson in the UK said his company enjoys the use of both command line and graphical interface.

We’ve taken the decision to use Acubench for development and the command line compiler for production re-compiles. Acubench  really does make your life easier. (We have configured Samba so that the compiled objects get deployed onto the Unix server).