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SWC gotcha on HP systems

Regardless of your HP platform — either the HP 3000 or a target migration system — you will now want to watch for PC system hangs while using HP's Secure Web Console.

The SWC became a new tool for the 3000 several years ago. As our Homesteading Editor Gilles Schipper noted in a November, 2005 article, the SWC lets a 3000 manager "enjoy 100 percent full console capability, including system reboot, for your 3000 from the comfort of your home or any other location remote from the actual HP3000."

But a snag has appeared in using the SWC. It's not just with the 3000, either, according to OpenMPE director Donna Garverick. This detail is the kind of report that OpenMPE will be able to provide in 2009, once HP licenses MPE/iX source to the group.

PCs running Java 1.6 will hang when trying to download the .jar file from HP’s Secure Web Console running the a2.0 firmware  — but they will connect to devices running older firmware.  Java releases prior to this work with all (recent) SWC firmware revs.

HP does not have any copies of the old (< a2.0) firmware," Garverick adds.  "HP also states that a SWC cannot be back-dated from a2.0."

The work-arounds include:
- don't update Java to 1.6 if you have a2.0 SWCs
- don't update SWCs to a2.0
- check eBay/etc for SWCs without a2.0
- replace SWCs with a different solution
- for PCI systems, use the built-in SWC/GSP

A glimmer of hope remains that sun will release a fix for Java 1.6.  Other folks with older .jar files are complaining.

And just to be clear — this isn't just an MPE issue.  It impacts any system with a SWC.