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CAMUS conference registration closes soon

The ERP and manufacturing user group CAMUS is closing its registration very soon for its mid-July conference. On July 3, registration will wrap up for the July 16-18 meeting at the Holiday Inn Brentwood, in Nashville. The 3000 app MANMAN, still working at a surprising number of HP 3000 shops to serve manufacturing firms, is at the heart of CAMUS members' knowledge.

These people have a lot of experience to share, on both homesteading and migration of HP 3000 systems.

The group has a lineup of experienced speakers to cover two full days of paid training — and at a good price — $350 for a CAMUS member, $450 for a non-member. Plus, a free training day follows on the 18th. You can even register separately for the free day. (They even have a "Stump the Stars" meeting on the free day, for consulting via meeting-room Q&A at no charge.)

Registration, including the capability to pay online with a credit card, is at the conference reg page. More details about the speakers and the lineup are at the meeting's schedule page and on a additional information page.