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Final shoe falls in HP pretexting hoax

Podcasts preface conference content

HP is exploring new options to lure customers to next month's HP Technology Forum. Over the next two weeks the vendor will be posting the last four of 10 podcasts, interviews with Tech Forum speakers.

It's an interesting way to sample sessions if you're already headed to the conference, or maybe justify a trip if you have not scheduled this training already. So far, the HP-ETV Web site has posted podcasts which include sessions on privacy in relation to e-mail, high availability, mobile device policy enforcement, and storage solutions.

If you listen to that most recent podcast, about storage solutions, you'll hear the host pitch HP's speaker Pierre Bijuoi a fat question: "What's the problem with tape today? Why look for alternatives to tape?" As you might guess, HP has some new technology it offers as an alternative.

HP 3000 customers who are headed toward Unix, and especially HP-UX, can listen to 10 minutes of Unix guru Bill Hassell on June 5, when his podcast about system administration goes live. And there's even a presentation on HP-ETV from an author who once pointed out the resurgence of the HP 3000 product line in a popular business book.

The Tech Forum marketing has a wide scope this year, but there's nothing like the resource of the system vendor to help bring the bodies to the conference site. HP-ETV also has podcasts on Integrity Blade Systems, plus slick videos of HP executive's speeches and five minutes of Geoffrey Moore, the IT markets and technology savant and author of Crossing the Chasm.

Moore wrote in Crossing the Chasm

Product life cycles are getting shorter, but whole product life cycles are as long as they ever where. Ask HP about the recent resurgence in their minicomputer line — not the 9000, but the HP3000... There's gold in them thar hills!

HP says that Moore has spent his life studying "disruptive technologies," a term you might use to describe the way these podcasts and videos can help break up your day.