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HP updates its FTP powers

With all of the advances HP's added to the FTP server on the 3000, customers could use a good catalog on the added functionality of the file transfer service. HP delivers an update on the security enhancements of FTP its latest white paper.

HP's Jeff Vance announced the location of the paper, on HP's Jazz Web site. With just a few more days to go until the 2007 retirements kick off, last Friday afternoon's announcement could be the last from Vance to the 3000 community.

"The new paper on Jazz describes how to get the most security possible when using FTP/iX," he said in his usual venue, the 3000-L mailing list. "Check out: and scroll down to the heading “HP e3000 papers, faqs and training.”

Vance added, "There is also a new script, SFTPPUT, which provides a more secure way of transferring files from your 3000. It can encrypt files and automatically decrypt them when the remote system is also an MPE/iX box. It is aware of the netrc file too, and hopefully will help out with internal audits."