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CAMUS invites managers of 3000 sites

CAMUS (the Computer Applications for Manufacturing User Society) is inviting HP 3000 site managers to attend its annual user’s conference this summer in Nashville. The show runs Monday through Wednesday July 16-18. Since it's modest-sized user group, CAMUS is hosting its conference at a hotel, the Holiday Innn Brentwood.

The user group leadership is pragmatic about using 3000s as mission-critical servers, even in the era of 3000 Transition. "Our theme is 'You Still Have a Business to Run,' " said conference organizer Ed Stein, "and it is focused on strategies for homesteading on legacy systems or migrating to other systems.

Like the Greater Houston RUG, the majority of CAMUS members use HP 3000s. These ERP sites run the MANMAN MRP application. The app is one of many owned and mothballed (developmentally) by Baan. But that doesn't keep several hundred companies from using MANMAN as an information wheelhouse, especially for manufacturers with run rates of under $100 million.

CAMUS is giving back to the community, too, in a savvy way. The final day of the three-day conference is free.

"Come listen to members who are making the most of their legacy systems or migrating to newer software on other systems," Stein said. "Join us as we investigate how to keep your business running during changing times."

The Free Training Day is July 18. You can register separately for the free single day, or for the full CAMUS conference. Free training is also included on APICS Supply Chain & Business Process Modeling, as well as application specifics in the MANMAN software.

A good number of 3000 sites manage manufacturing operations using homegrown applications, which will make the CAMUS conference a place to network about homesteading or migration strategies. "Even if you don’t run MANMAN, this is a chance to see a number of ERP vendors demonstrating their systems in a small conference," Stein said. "While they will be directly comparing their system to MANMAN, you will have the opportunity to talk about your particular requirements and arrange further discussions if needed."