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Tech Forum serves trio on 3000 servers

HP 3000 customers travel these days. They go from the environment of MPE/iX to Unix, or off to the wide world of Windows. Or elsewhere, like IBM's alternatives.

Or perhaps they journey to the land of independent ownership, where HP's only presence in their company's operations is the nameplate on their 3000, or the HP copyright that rolls across their screen at the rare reboot. But one way or another, migrating or homesteading, customers are traveling.

Those who travel have someplace — well, a few places — they can go this year. Encompass is offering one, Las Vegas and the HP Tech Forum. The four-day event costs $1,295 to Encompass members. Hundreds of technical and strategy sessions are online at the Forum's public session Web pages, which went live on Sunday.

The Encompass user group's press relations staff offered up three HP 3000 talks from that Las Vegas trip. Dozens more await on the details of those new worlds, the country of Unix or the continent of Windows, or even the broad peninsula of OpenVMS. This year, though, an HP update on the 3000; another one from OpenMPE advocates; and a roundtable on best practices for a migration make up the Forum's 3000-specific content.

That HP update on the 3000 will not be given by Dave Wilde, the first that he has missed since 2003. Bernard Determe is listed as HP's "proposed speaker." Not all of the 3000 changes have been inside customer shops.

The helpful and approachable Encompass crew gave us the following details of the 3000 sessions in Vegas. The only way to bet on any more 3000 Tech Forum sessions, they say, is to attend and then ask for talks in 2008. But this year, there are three.

So here is the 3000-only lineup for the Tech Forum. A bumper crop of other sessions can be found at that Tech Forum Web site.

HP e3000 Business Update

Proposed Speaker:  Bernard Determe, HP

Technology Overview: fundamentals, the broad view 
This is the only major session given by HP e3000 management at this year’s HP Technology Forum. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and provide feedback. The session covers recent news/announcements and reviews what HP e3000 customers and partners can expect from HP over the coming years in the areas of R&D, support, and transition. Specific topics include

  • helping customers and partners transition to other HP platforms;
  • supporting customers’ business critical environments as you transition;
  • understanding/helping address the concerns of customers who may continue to depend on the HP e3000 to meet some business needs beyond HP’s end-of-support date.

The session also provides a forum for you to ask questions and give feedback to key HP e3000 managers.

HP e3000 Transition and Migration Panel

Proposed Speakers:  Kevin Cooper, HP, Colleen Mueller, HP

Technical Level:  Practices: tips, tools, techniques, how-to’s
A panel of customers who have made the transition from the HP e3000 will share their insights and experiences. Find out what best practices apply when transitioning from this platform as developed from real-world experience. 

OpenMPE 2007   

Proposed Speaker:  Chuck Ciesinski, Applied Biosystems

Technology Overview: fundamentals, the broad view
Members of the Board of Directors of OpenMPE present an update of the activities of OpenMPE since the 2006 HP Technology Forum. They also provide a glimpse into planned activites for the coming year.