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HP explains a service call to you

Cathlene Mc Rae has been an HP 3000 resource from inside HP, helping the community understand the state of IMAGE dataset problems during 2005, among other missions. She has posted a mini-primer on how to report 3000 support issues into the HP system. The 3000 customer who still buys support from HP should take note.

Mc Rae's message rolled out on the 3000 newsgroup and mailing list, but those venues reach a limited segment of the customer base. Helping out the 3000 customer, she said

When opening an HP Response Center case, it is important to have your system handle or contract number available. If you don’t have this information, the call process can be difficult and take lots of time. 

Calling 1-800-633-3600 will put you in the automated system. 

Choose option 2 for new software calls. The reply to this option then asks for the contract number or system handle. If you don’t have these available, you will be routed to a contract person. 

For software calls already opened, select option 3. This will prompt you for the case number.  Once the case number is entered, you will be routed to the engineer that has your case. You have the option to leave a message if the engineer is not available. I recommend leaving a message.

On the Web, HP's IT Response Center (ITRC) acts as another resource for opening support cases. Mc Rae, a Senior Response Engineer, reports:

Another way to open a case is through the ITRC  The same information is needed: contract number or system handle, but you will not have to talk with anyone.

If you are asked for a product number, give 32651B — this is the MPE/iX fundamental operating system number. Using this number should get you to a MPE support person.