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A maiden voyage, sending out on sendmail

We are thinking about using Sendmail/iX on our 979-400 (running MPE/iX 6.5)

1) Do I only need the SMLHDB9(A) patch for 8.13.1 sendmail, or must I get the SMLGDT8(A) and SMLHD15(A) patches and install 8.12.1 first?

2) I understand that Sendmail requires Syslog/iX. Where do I get it from?

3) Is there an 'Idiots Guide' to installing/configuring Sendmail and Syslog?

Mark Bixby, who helped to port the key Syslog/iX part of this HP 3000 mail solution, replies:

All you need for 6.5 is SMLHDB9(A). All of the 8.13.1 patches are full distributions.

You should already have Syslog/iX in the SYSLOG account that comes with your Fundamental Operating System (FOS). If somebody was a little too aggressive about cleaning up unused FOS files, you can restore the SYSLOG account from the backup of 6.5.

Otherwise, you can locate your FOS tape and manually extract and install the SYSLOG account.

An Idiots Guide to installing/configuring Sendmail and Syslog is on the HP Jazz Web site at http://jazz.external.hp.com/src/sendmail/

Minimal HP Syslog/iX documentation can be found at HP's documentation site page.

More complete documentation is on the Web page at http://www.bixby.org/mark/syslogix.html. But ignore the "how-to-install" stuff there, since Syslog is already included in the 3000's FOS.