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HP provides this weekend's time fix

HP has announced the ultimate version of the time zone table for the HP 3000, key software to letting the systems keep up with the new changeover date to Daylight Saving Time this coming weekend.

HP engineer Jeff Vance sent out word late today that the new TZTAB file is available at the HP Jazz Web site page for the software. The patch is LBCMXY5 and will soon be available from HP IT Response Center. [Ed. note, March 2010: Since HP's Jazz Web site was shifted in 2009 to independent hosting sites, you can download the file from the Speedware or Client Systems Jazz hosts.)

HP recommends that all HP 3000 customers "install this updated copy of TZTAB at your earliest convenience. The changes included in this file are:

Atlantic (AST4ADT) and Newfoundland (NST3:30NDT) Timezones now include the U.S. 2007 DST definitions.

Also added, for compatibility reasons only are the AST4ADT#CANADA and NST3:30NDT#CANADA Timezones which are identical to AST4ADT and NST3:30NDT respectively.

The Aleutian (AST10ADT) and Yukon Timezones (YST9YDT) now include the 2007 U.S. 2007 DST definitions.

A Western Australia Timezone (WST-8WDT) has been added covering the trial period 2007 though 31 March 2009 while Daylight Saving Time (or Summer Time) is evaluated. Note that if Western Australia permanently adopts Daylight Saving Time the TZTAB file will need to be adjusted accordingly.

The Canadian versions of the standard North American Timezones for Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific, i.e. EST5EDT#CANADA, CST6CDT#CANADA, MST7MDT#CANADA and PST8PDT#CANADA have been updated to recognize the 2007 definitions. These are now interchangeable with EST5EDT, CST6CDT, MST7MDT and PST8PDT respectively.

Since Mexico will not adhere to the U.S. 2007 Daylight Saving Time definitions new timezone definitions for Mexico have been added, they are:

  • CSM6CDM or CST6CDT#MEXICO - Mexico Central Timezone
  • MSM7MDM or MST7MDT#MEXICO - Mexico Mountain Timezone
  • PSM8PDM or PST8PDT#MEXICO - Mexico Pacific Timezone
  • MXST6MXDT or MXST6MXDT#MEXICO - Mexico City, Mexico Timezone