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Ticking time zone clocks

Steve Cooper, one of the founders of Resource 3000 partner Allegro Consultants, updated the 3000 community on important details about the upcoming time zone changes. These are the adjustments managers must make to keep up with the new start and end of Daylight Saving Time.

Just when you thought you had the latest Time Zone Table file on your 3000, the world has gone and changed the rules again.

A new patch has just been released on HP-UX, with the following updates:

    ( SR:8606475843 CR:JAGag30156 )
    tztab(4) needs to be modified for Mexico Daylight
    Saving (DST) changes.

    ( SR:8606475841 CR:JAGag30154 )
    tztab(4)needs to be modified to support Western Australia
    DST changes.

    ( SR:8606475842 CR:JAGag30155 )
    tztab(4) needs to be modified for Canada DST changes.

    1. Indiana will support Daylight Savings Time (DST) from
    April, 2006 onwards.

So, if your system or any of its users care about Mexico, Western Australia, Canada or Indiana, then you may need a newer TZTAB than you previously thought.  And, if you care about the rest of the United States and haven’t updated your TZTAB file yet, you might as well get the latest version when you do the update.  The clock is ticking...