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Web Console: A good left arm for 3000s?

I'm in the process of installing my first Secure Web Console and have a question. The installation instructions look like the SWC will replace the current 700/92 terminal, as there is only one serial port on the console/LAN card in the server. It feels like I'll be cutting off my right arm in doing away with the "console." Not that we use it that much in day-to-day operations — but it has become a bit of an old friend over the years, and I feel a bit of pending loss.

Since this is the case, could there be problems from not having the physical console there, and having to fly with the SWC? And if the SWC dies for any reason, can you just put the serial cable back on the terminal?

— John Bawden

Craig Lalley replied to the final question about putting the serial cable back on, "Yes, you can." Wes Setree added very recent information about an installation just today. "Actually, I just configured a SWC a few minutes ago."

We keep our old terminal and keyboard on the cabinet and could switch the cable from the SWC to the terminal in case I need to use the terminal while sitting right there at the server (reboot perhaps). So far I have not had any need to switch the cable back and forth between them, since the SWC allows for a remote reboot if necessary.