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OpenMPE reboubles its search for candidates

Yesterday the OpenMPE advocacy group reminded the 3000 community about board membership. That is, the group was still open to, and looking for, people to run on the election which is set to begin Monday.

Continuity is a good thing for a volunteer organization. That's really about all that OpenMPE can be called up to now, although its volunteers are professionals who run IT shops and IT vendor companies. There is much experience among those nine seats. Easily more that 150 man (and woman) years.

But a fresh point of view is good for an organization which has now crossed over its five-year mark for lifespan. We encourage a run at a board seat for this group, even if winning it means you won't get to talk in public about what HP is doing to firm up its community end-game.

There's still a bit of time to toss your hat into the ring. Luckily, the board secretary works in the Pacific Time Zone.   

All we know for now is that the incumbents whose seats are up for election are running for another term:

Birket Foster
Paul Edwards
Alan Tibbetts
Chuck Ciesinski

The election begins at 8 AM EST (US) on Feb. 12. Our vote-counting independent confirmation systems are in place. Do you want to add your name to the ballot? Contact Donna Garverick-Hofmeister with your notice to run.