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HP goes into overtime on time zones

The spring-forward date to Daylight Saving Time is still about two weeks away, but HP will be working close to the clock to finish its revisions for the HP 3000's time-tracking software. Last year HP had revised the TZTAB files for the HP 3000, tables updated to follow the new spring-forward dates in the US and elsewhere.

The 3000 community has already done the work to prepare their systems for the first change in the DST's starting date in 20 years. With HP's revised table in hand, and managers offering advice on the process, what else did the diligent 3000 owner need?

Well, HP has just reported that the revised table is bit wobbly around its Atlantic regions, and elsewhere. Jeff Vance, HP engineer and link to the 3000 community, said the HP labs are working on a couple of legs of the time table.

We in vCSY were about to release the latest TZTAB file, which is based on the HP-UX TZTAB, when it was discovered that we now have incorrect information for Alaska and some Atlantic regions. The HP-UX team is working quickly to address this problem, and as soon as they are done we will make the file available on Jazz, in addition to providing a regular patch.

After posting his report that verifies the link from HP-UX lab work to the abilities of the 3000, Vance said additional information is available on a Wiki page about the time zone shifts.

Ever helpful in the classic Hewlett-Packard tradition, Vance added that "If you have any questions please contact [me] at j[email protected]