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Acucorp joins midrange alliance

The leading provider of COBOL development solutions for HP 3000 customers — both those migrating and those staying to homestead — recently announced it has joined Microsoft's midrange alliance. Acucorp joined the alliance to bring a tighter focus on the benefits of .NET to HP 3000 shops which choose Windows as their target platform for modernization and migration.

Acucorp has become a member of the Midrange Alliance Program (MAP), a strategic initiative focused on bridging the gap between midrange solutions and the Microsoft Windows and .NET platforms. Unlike other COBOL solution providers, Acucorp executed a serious measure of engineering to make its COBOL behave much like the HP 3000's COBOL II compiler. Its development and modernization suite, extend, got a new 7.2 generation of features last year, including connections for COBOL developers with their counterparts in the worlds of .NET and Java.

The Microsoft Midrange Alliance Program brings together the leading technology, service, and application partners — each with years of experience in midrange environments as well as Windows and the .NET framework. Midrange Alliance partners help organizations extend the lifetime of their applications, provide the agility to meet business needs and drive more value from their midrange investments.

“Acucorp’s knowledge of modernizing both HP e3000 and OpenVMS COBOL applications on Windows makes them an ideal fit for the MAP,” said Spyros Sakellariadis, director, of the Midrange Alliance Program at Microsoft.

Acucorp’s suite of development solutions, known as extend, include technologies for interoperating with application servers and Microsoft .NET-based applications via Web services, deploying COBOL-based business systems on the Internet, accessing relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, transforming character-based screens into graphical user interfaces, and offloading workloads via Thin Client technology.

“Our decision to join MAP further strengthens our commitment to helping customers leverage the value of their COBOL applications while minimizing the cost and risk of migrating them to Windows,” said Lori Galván, Acucorp’s Vice President of Market Development. “Using Acucorp’s COBOL Virtual Machine, our extend solutions can be ported to more than 600 platforms, including Windows-based servers.”