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Migration performance, cast on Web's stone

Although it's been given for many years now, the most updated version of "Performance of Migrated HP 3000 Applications" is finally available as a downloadable Webcast. Kevin Cooper of HP's performance lab (and a key resource for 3000 performance measurement for many years) gave this talk at conferences from 2004 through 2006. Last fall Cooper did his show for Encompass.

The user group offers the Webcast as part of its membership package. It's a reasonable deal at $90, including some discounts at this summer's June HP Technology Forum in Las Vegas.

Members can replay the December Webcast on demand from the Encompass archives in the members-only section of the Web site:

But you need to become an Encompass member to watch Cooper's talk about what to expect and plan for while migrating. We covered his talk in the 3000 NewsWire blog during 2005, as well as what the user community had to offer, but the details of the slides and Cooper's comments, consumed from your office, seem to be worth the membership.

An Encompass ID and password are required to access this educational programming. If you forgot your Encompass ID, you can reset it at:

Encompass reminds the HP 3000 community, and others

A small investment of $90 offers these and other career enhancing benefits:

- Members-only $200 registration discount for HP Technology Forum & Expo 2007   
- 2007 HP Technology Forum proceedings DVD   
- Priority Webcast seating   
- On-demand Webcast library   
- Encompass-affiliated Local User Groups   
- HP customers Worldwide Survey