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Large Transaction Tip for HP 3000s

Is there a way to allow large transactions on the HP 3000?  I am getting an error message because the transactions I am trying to put into the TurboIMAGE database exceed the 4MB limit of the Transaction Manager.

Gilles Schipper of GSA replies:

You could try enabling the database for autodefer, as:

Log on as database creator, then

enable databaserootfilenamefor for autodefer

This will effectively detach the database from the transaction manager.

You will run the risk (a very small one, I would think) of database corruption in the event of a system failure.

You could mitigate the risk by ensuring you have a good backup of this database prior to the execution of this high transaction volume batch job.

To later reverse the transaction manager detachment if you wish, simply

disable databaserootfilename for autodefer