Seasoned hand takes an OpenMPE oar
Less than 20 years to go?

Encompass fishes for content, feeds stories

Encompass posted its call for presenters at this summer's HP Technology Forum this month, searching for expertise about HP 3000 management and strategy. While the Encompass call is across the board of 3000 operations, the user group's 2006 slate of MPE/iX talks revolved around migration experiences. There are far fewer resources spreading the homestead skills in the 3000 community, but Encompass still hopes to snare a few presenters teaching more than how to move off the platform.

The Encompass Web site offers a set of screens to describe any talk a 3000 expert can dream up. Giving a talk in Las Vegas in mid-June will earn the presenter a free pass to the rest of the event, including meals offered to attendees. The user group is holding its papers call open until Feb. 15.

More complete details for potential presenters are at the Encompass Web site. But that's also an Internet destination with a surprising collection of migration success stories and static reports on tools for moving off the platform, too. Finding it, however, requires a little inside knowledge.

In a location a bit buried under the blizzard of a Web site (a simple look under "Community" yields only the replays for Webcasts), Encompass has offered a set of Web pages to the SIG-Migrate Special Interest Group. SIG-Migrate promises to be vendor-agnostic. The practical definition of that, as shown in the Encompass pages, doesn't extend to recommendations or experience with non-HP platforms. But there's an impressive array of stories about success in moving off the 3000.

Our favorite is the set of links to vendor-supplied success stories, offered in their unfettered glory. The era of success swings back to 2002, but there's also content more current, too.