Top Stories of 2006, Part 2
Top Stories of 2006, Part 4

Top Stories of 2006, Part 3

Let's recap. Our 2006 Top Stories List, now half revealed, includes these tall tales and breaking bulletins:

1. HP retires its Large Files Dataset project for IMAGE/SQL.
2. OpenMPE earns its first revenues from HP
3. HP uncaps virtualization plus low-to-midrange 3600 and 6600 Integrity servers
4. HP chairman Patricia Dunn resigns over a HP spying program to stem board leaks
5. HP reinstates MPE/iX Professional Certification holders
6. HP releases third PowerPatch for its penultimate release of MPE/iX

Are we seeing a pattern here yet? Perhaps the inclusion of the same two letters of the alphabet in each headline?

News from outside HP also ranked high on our 2006 list. Third parties were busy, too.

7. Advant, working from its Immediate Recovery Systems operation, released the first Generic REplacement Boxes for HP 3000s. The PA-RISC servers shipped with only a Linux distro installed, but ready for either a HP 9000 or HP 3000 personality, applied by the IRS SSEDIT program. The software modifies stable storage of a PA-RISC server, something only HP could do until these "GREBs" are announced.

8. Paul Edwards and Frank Alden Smith announced their first class at Edwards and Smith overhauled HP's class materials for MPE Fundamentals as the duo's first step into independent, HP authorized training.

9. A high-end Series 987 server sold for less than $300 in public auction, demonstrating that 3000 hardware would be both plentiful and cheap during the coming years of the Transition Era. OpenMPE board member Matt Perdue bought the used server, which sold for six figures while new, for less than a month's worth of support used to cost for the system.