Syngistix demise: the 3000's circle of life
Merry Christmas Wishes!

More help in homesteading

Your marketplace waves more than one flag, as most of its citizens know. Much more unfurling takes place on the migration battlements, where projects proceed apace. But the homesteading front gains its reinforcements too. A new resource in California and elsewhere is raising its standard this month.

Data Management Associates (DMA) will be opening up two new Web sites at and The seasons greetings card from Ralph Berkebile, CEO and Software Engineer at DMA, promises "a unique venue that encourages interaction through blogs, newsletters, white papers and industry setting updates."

DMA, which donated a $100 check to the OpenMPE advocates at September's OpenMPE update meeting, said the new Web sites will let the company "help our clients with methodologies, tools and strategies supporting the continued use of their onsite or hosted HP 3000 MPE and HP 9000 HP-UX environments for years to come."