HP 3000 conference offers agenda
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User group election deadline nears

Members of the HP enterprise computer user group Encompass have just the rest of this week left to vote on directors who will take seats in 2007. One candidate brings experience from the advocacy efforts of Interex, the user group that started its life in the 1970s from a wellspring of HP 3000 experts and volunteers. Whatever the obvious business mistakes Interex made in its final years, volunteers like Steve Davidek offered services to benefit users, no part of the Interex problems. Even HP 3000 members, on several occasions, saw advocacy channels open up through Davidek's efforts.

While the GHRUG group signs dedicated managers up for a 3000-specialized conference in a few weeks in Houston, Encompass can call on a wider volunteer base and greater resources. HP is allied closely with Encompass, a partnership that offers customers an opportunity to be heard in Encompass events, both in-person and online.

The Greater Houston RUG and Encompass still have a role to play in spreading information and connecting 3000 users. Speedware's Chris Koppe is already on the board of directors for Encompass, which is offering a 3000-related event next week.

Encompass is also hosting a Webcast next week about HP 3000 migration options. The one-hour event on Thursday, October 26 at 4 PM EDT presents Alvina Nishimoto of HP outlining "HP e3000 Transition Options." To register, visit the Encompass Web site.

Encompass is open to the prospect of offering non-migrating 3000 sites some aid, too. Becoming a member and voting is still within the deadline this week. Consider opening up a new community channel for your enterprise by joining and voting.