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Still linking, after all these years

It's true: many resources have changed, and some have expired, from the workbench of the HP 3000 customer in the almost three years since HP stopped selling the system. HP predicted that the ebb of the computer's ecosystem, within five years of 2001, would make the server a bad bet for long-term enterprise computing.

But with what's close to five years of hindsight to guide them, the community still offers much of what was available before HP's decision. A massive menu of resources for the 3000 customers lives at hp3000links.com, maintained by the OpenMPE's Webmaster John Dunlop. At the very top of a well-stocked page today, Dunlop's put a link to an article about using PHP, the powerful Web server utility, on the HP 3000.

Dunlop recently dropped us a note to seek a little more spotlight for the site, which continues to offer a terrific one-page roundup of all things Web-based for the 3000's ecosystem.

Dunlop has maintained the Web site since well before Y2K, strictly on a volunteer basis. From his UK headquarters he writes that hp3000links.com is a good reply to accusations a shrinking 3000 ecosystem.

"In spite of all the discussion about dwindling HP 3000 resources, the links I have pulled together and maintained are still available," Dunlop said, "and demonstrate that there is still a lot out there for the HP 3000 user."

We are pleased to see that Dunlop has posted a direct, daily-updated link to the 3000 NewsWire's blog headlines on hp3000links.com. That's an offer we'll make to any other 3000 community member who's got a Web site: we invite you to offer our headlines to an ecosystem that keeps proving the law of natural selection. Contact me at [email protected], or [email protected], and we can help you set up headline hosting, with automatic updates.