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HP sells the Integrity concept

HP sent out another message to the marketplace starting last week, one that didn't involve "tracer technology" or any phony product information designed to smoke out reporters. (Now we hear CEO Mark Hurd approved the fake message to the CNET reporter, if not the tracer technology.) But all of that has little to do with the HP most 3000 customers engage, the long-time engineers and managers of the 3000 group. Today in Minneapolis, HP taught customers about the advantages of its Integrity, a server, HP hopes will replace some other HP product that it won't support or update in at least a few years.

The HP Integrity Solutions Tour is visiting 30 cities between Sept. 26 and Nov. 16 across the US  — plus a bonus show in Hawaii on Dec. 12. (For the best-performing team, perhaps.) The morning-long event, with breakfast served before and lunch afterward, gives customers a chance to "deep dive" into either the Integrity hardware, or the new territory (to 3000 vets) of virtualization.

Several members of the multiple teams doing the show hail from the 3000 division, when there was such a thing at HP. At the NewsWire we're marking down November 14, and not just because it's the five-year anniversary of the HP step-away announcement. HP's team will present the show in San Antonio that day. We hear the zen master of the HP hardware briefing, HP's Dave Snow, will be on hand for that one.

It's been a lot of years since we heard Dave Snow talk about anything related to 3000 hardware. The last memorable HP 3000 briefing he gave was in Chicago, in August 2001, when nary a slide on the screen suggested HP was pondering its path away from the community. Perhaps HP had not made up its mind by that week at HP World. Heck, at least HP's 3000 friends are still around in HP, unlike the user group that hosted that meeting.

Head out to to make your reservations. It's free, with door prizes and lunch served at 12:30. Here's the schedule:

Oct 05    St. Louis
Oct 05    Nashville
Oct 10    Boston
(Waltham, MA)
Oct 10    Atlanta
Oct 11    Denver
Oct 12    Cincinnati
Oct 17    New York
Oct 24    Philadelphia
(Blue Bell, PA)
Oct 31    Washington DC
Nov 01    Chicago
Nov 01    Richmond
(Glen Allen, VA)
Nov 02    Phoenix
(Scottsdale, AZ)
Nov 02    Detroit
(Southfield, MI)
Nov 07    Houston
Nov 07    Pittsburgh
Nov 08    Dallas
(Plano, TX)
Nov 09    Cleveland
Nov 09    Virginia Beach
(Portsmouth, VA)
Nov 14    Seattle
(Bellevue, WA)
Nov 14    San Antonio
Nov 15    Columbus
Nov 16    San Diego
Dec 12    Honolulu

We'd love to hear your impressions about the show, if you attend. Send your comments — anonymous, if you like — to me at the NewsWire. We'll have our own report once we get back from San Antonio.