3000 conference unveils speakers
The end of HP's lessons on hubris?

Get updated on HP's migration advice

Mark down Oct. 25 on your information calendar if you want the latest advice and reports from HP about the march to migration away from the HP 3000. The vendor has scheduled a Webcast through the Encompass User Group service at 4 PM EDT that day.

HP Transition Manager Alvina Nishimoto will present “HP e3000 Transition Options:”

This Webcast will outline the current HP e3000 transition programs available to customers along with the different transition options and resources to help in a transition:

- Hardware and software roadmap and support - Conversion kits for A’s and N’s
- Substantial discounts towards purchase of new Integrity servers
- Transition webinars
- Free education offerings
- Migration services available
- Tools, compliers, and database options will be examined and migration tools discussed.

To register, visit the Encompass Web site Webcast page. At the bottom of the page there is a link to the registration page. Simply click on the link and follow instructions. The 3000-specific Webcasts haven't been oversubscribed in the past, but this one seems broad enough to attract some extra interest.

We're especially interested in the advice about conversion kits for A- and N-class servers, since their HP-UX counterparts are already on the discontinued list.

Take it from us: you can forget about using anything other than a Windows system, 2000 or newer, to access this training. (Sign up and you will get dial-in instructions, which will give a lot of the details of the briefing. You can always ask Alvina for the PowerPoint slide deck afterward.)

The Encompass instructions, aimed at a North American audience when the Virtual Room's help desk is considered:

- If you have never participated in an Encompass/HP webcast, click on ‘First Time Users Click Here To Register’.
- Please use hpencompass as your signup password
- You will need to create a User ID and password for yourself; it is important that you remember this information as you will need it when you log into the Web site for the webcast.
- Please be sure to test your PC on the HP Virtual Room 2-3 days prior to the Webcast. If you any have problems when you test, please call the HP Virtual Room help desk at 888-351-4732 so that the problem can be solved prior to the Webcast.
- If you have participated in an HP/Encompass Webcast in the past, enter your ID and Password and then select ‘Course Catalog’ and click on the link to this Webcast.