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Copy tapes, patching FTP and more

Is there a way in MPE to copy a tape from one drive to another drive?

John Pitman replies:

I have done this before. Use the biggest number that is accepted by file equate for the device to cover the biggest blocksize used. I'm a bit hazy about using 1 as recs/block. I used something like this to copy reel tape backups to either DDS or QIC 120 tapes once long ago.

File tapin;dev=7;rec=32768,1,f,binary
File tapout;dev=8;rec=32768,1,f,binary
Fcopy from=*tapin;to=*tapout;files=all

Robert Mills adds:

Go to HP's Jazz Web site and have a look at TAPECOPY and TCPY.

I would like to patch my Series 969 6.0 system. When I browse HP's patches database, it lists several patches depending on the version of FTP. I can't tell what version I run. Also, can I do this update with people on the system, or do I really need exclusive access for PATCHIX to finish just the FTP patches?

Craig Lalley replies:

You should be able to update as long as no one is accessing FTP and the JINETD job is not running.

The current GR patches for FTP as of 8/25/06:
FTP 7.5: FTPHDG4 for C.75.00 (A0012-G)  11/21/05
FTP 7.0: FTPHDE9 for C.70.00 (A0012-E4) 08/01/05
FTP 6.5: FTPHDF6 for C.65.00 (A0012-F)  09/30/05

HP's James Hofmeister adds:

The latest general release patch for MPE/iX 6.0 is FTPGDN1 (R) 2/4/2004 and you should still be able to pull this patch from the HP-ITRC.

Sorry, the 6.5 patch for FTP/iX will not work on MPE/iX 6.0.  I will leave the answer as to why as a trivia question.

After John Burke offered an answer of "Large file support," Hofmeister replied:

Congratulations John, that is the correct answer!

The 6.5 FTP client and server both touch the file system below the standard F'intrinsic interface we all know and love...  thus FTP was recoded for the new "large file" internal procedure calls on MPE/iX 6.5.  If you try the FTP/iX 6.5 FTP client and server code on an MPE/iX 6.0 system, FTP will report missing externals and terminate.

Our HP 3000 Series 979 needs some help. When I was rebooting it Monday, I got this error:

Bad System Logical Sector number 0x3ad0 on LDEV 32

I removed the drive and the system came up fine, as the drive is software mirrored. But when I try to suspendmirrvol on pending drive, the system goes dead immediately. What command do I use to suspend mirroring?

Bob J of Ideal Computer replies:

Normally there is no need to suspend mirroring for a failed disk drive. The system should have realized a drive is missing from a mirrored pair and sent a message to the console. The mirroring would have automatically been disabled for the affected pair. Use :mirvutil, then showset (set_name) mirror to confirm. When you reply to the operator request you will stop getting the console messages. You will need to manually replacemirrvol after you replace the hardware to rebuild the mirror.