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HP quiet on boardroom, speaks on SSEDIT

OpenMPE stirs the emulation pot

A new member of the OpenMPE mailing list has posted a fistful of proposals for the advocacy group — enough that some group members want to nominate Pete Eggers for the open spot on the group's board of directors.

Much of what Eggers addressed has been discussed before by group members, but it's always a good thing for a new spark of energy to reverberate through an all-volunteer group. Unlike Encompass, nobody is getting paid for being part of this user group. But the work goes on. John Dunlop was working this afternoon to bring the Web site up to complete operation after an upgrade.

Eggers' emulation discussion, and other related messages, are available on the OpenMPE mailing list archives. Send your browser to the archive page to read where Eggers tees off a lively chat among 3000 devotees, some of whom believe in a future for your enterprise server beyond HP's plans.

The discussion has generated 46 messages in three days, more than the input in the prior three months. At least one new HP 3000 expert, Mark Ranft, has volunteered to help. Take a look and add your opinions.