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HP calls off conversion kits

At last week's HP Technology Forum customers learned that their HP 3000s are more worthy candidates for trading than conversion. HP is cancelling its conversion program to turn 3000s into HP-UX servers, after converting only about 20, according to Transition Center director Alvina Nishimoto. The HP-UX systems created from a conversion kit would already be discontinued in the HP hardware line.

HP is discontinuing the newest entry-level Integrity Servers about three years after they roll out the door. Rust never sleeps in HP's hardware hangars.

3000 customers can get 26 percent off the price of a new Integrity server for their 9x9 systems, including the price of the software license. Those lucky few who own N-Class or A-Class HP 3000s can count on a 40 percent discount off the price.

This deal, called the HP e3000 Migration Program, is available to the customer who asks their authorized reseller or HP sales rep for the discount, a better program than HP's Trade Up or Trade In efforts. Those gave the customer a rebate check only after the HP 3000 equipment was turned over to HP — likely headed to Client Systems/Phoenix 3000 for used market sale. The Migration Program works on a discount off the new HP server and license.