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Comp Three joins Resource 3000

You're porting what, to where?

What's that we heard from last week's CAMUS conference in San Francisco? In a couple of public forums, attendees heard about Speedware's plans to port MANMAN to Unix (we'd presume HP-UX).

The HP Platinum migration partner has the migration wherewithal to do the job, given the help some seasoned experts in the ERP application still driving several hundred HP 3000 sites. SSA Global — or was it still Computer Associates — asked the CAMUS membership and the MANMAN user base if a Unix MANMAN interested them. Only about a third gave a thumbs up, and so the project got pushed to the side.

We've heard reports that Speedware's Nicolas Fortin said the company is doing the port, talking with the MANMAN owners INFOR, and even has three sites which want to make the shift.

It's at least another option for the MANMAN customer who knows they've got to leave the 3000 someday. We've heard few details other than those about the project, such as how long it would take and what it might cost. Some in the MANMAN community say that INFOR has almost nothing to lose, since the pickup on the project might be quite small. It probably won't cost INFOR much in the way of resources, either, since Speedware and its contracted experts would do the work.

MANMAN has been aimed at Unix before, as far back as the early 1990s. Transition times are much different than those days, however. Sue Peyton remains the point executive who's hearing out Speedware's plans.

As for customer pickup on the idea, CAMUS board member Terry Simpkins reportedly said, "we'll just talk everybody into doing it." HP might have begun with similar hopes when it called off its 3000 futures in 2001. We wish the Speedware and MANMAN community better results.