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Powerful merger of 3000 forces

Late this afternoon Donna Garverick pointed the 3000 community to a notice of nuptials — hers, along with James Hofmeister in a new household that may boast the most 3000 brainpower per square foot of residence. (Contenders are welcome to challenge our seat-of-the-pants calcuation, of course.) The two 3000 veterans were married today.

Garverick has been chair of the SIG-Sysman special interest group, co-chair of SIG-MPE, and for the last three years, a vocal and active advocate on the OpenMPE board of directors. She is noted for her capital-less postings on the 3000-L newsgroup — as well as many years of service and administrative expertise on MPE, MPE XL, and MPE/iX. Especially the iX, where she's held forth and taught users about the Posix bonus inside the 3000's operating system: a good intro to the world of Unix.

Hofmeister has been a primary force behind HP networking advances for the 3000 for the past several years, and a strong contributor to the networking knowledge base that's the 3000-L archives. In The 3000 NewsWire archives alone, he's got 36 entries between 1997 and 2005. During the last six years the engineer at HP's Expert Center has become the authority on telnet and the much-improved FTP on the HP 3000. Much of his advice and counsel about 3000 matters has been on his own time, since HP has many jobs for its 3000 experts, all at once.

Our most recent article on these two vets showed they were already working together in the spring of 2005, when they were planning a Birds of a Feather meeting for MPE Networking at HP World. Although that HP World show never made it out of the nest, apparently these two birds found their feathers compatible.

Both Garverick (far right, front row) and Hofmeister (third from left, back row) joined the close group of lunchmates at last summer's 3000 luncheon in San Francisco, almost one year ago to the day.

Now their household can feast on a rich source of 3000 experience, perhaps enough to begin a consultancy. (My NewsWire co-founder Abby and I  can attest to the intimate and rambunctious experience of working together as man and wife.)

As for the Garverick-Hofmeister wedding announcement, it appeared on the Invent 3K development server at HP, in Garverick's account on that public development resource still running inside Hewlett-Packard. We can't think of a better place to spread the good news about this "merger announcement," as Garverick called in a post to the newsgroup. Some development of love, this, close to the 3000's community heart.