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Training savings still online

HP's Hawkins offers free peripheral session

Encompass is making full use of the Web, in a much wider effort than Interex did, to deliver training and advice to the HP 3000 community. Two weeks from today on Sept. 14, Jim Hawkins of HP will present one hour of “HP e3000 Peripheral and High Availability Environment.”

There were a lot of Webcasts in the years that followed HP's pull-out announcement, but they were organized and presented by HP. Platinum migration partners like MB Foster were among the first to use the Web to educate, and other Platinum partners were often part of the HP events.

The Encompass Webcast that begins at 3 PM EDT is an extract from "a more in-depth" breakout session at the HP Technology Forum, the following week in Houston. Peripherals present one of the most likely changes for the 3000 site, whether migrating or homesteading. Just earlier this month Donna Hofmeister (nee Garverick), the OpenMPE Secretary, chided 3000 site managers relying on mangy old disk drives:

I’m really shocked at the number of systems running these old [Jamaica enclosure] drives!  It’s more than time for many MPE shops to ‘smell the coffee’ or perhaps more accurately smell the looming disaster.  If your disc drive is less than 36GB, odds are it’s ready to be replaced. It’s past its expected life span and you’re living on borrowed time.

If you got any plans to keep on running these systems, it’s more than time to get onto new drives. With how prices have dropped, it’s hard to not justify going to new drives.

Hawkins' Webcast "is geared towards companies that are migrating their HP e3000 peripheral and high availability environments to other HP platforms and want an understanding of which products will map over to the other HP platforms."

Attendees will gain an understanding of capacity and performance concerns when migrating from MPE/iX, explore the portfolio of peripheral and high availability products available for the HP e3000 and similar or like products available on other HP platforms, and examine the use of DTCs on a network with an HP e3000 and explore the issues to be covered when migrating network connectivity to another platform.

To register, visit the Encompass Web page for 3000 Webcasts. At the bottom of the page there is a link to the registration page. Simply click on the link and follow these instructions:

• If you have never participated in an Encompass/HP webcast, click on ‘First Time Users Click Here To Register’.
• Please use hpencompass as your signup password
• You will need to create a User ID and password for yourself; it is important that you remember this information as you will need it when you log into the Website for the Webcast.
• Please be sure to test your PC on the HP Virtual Room 2-3 days prior to the Webcast. If you any have problems when you test, please call the HP Virtual Room help desk at (888) 351-4732 so that the the problem can be solved prior to the Webcast.

(And Encompass does mean "PC" when it talks about testing. We can report it's hopeless to get a Mac to run the Virtual Classroom software. Only more recent Windows desktops need apply.)

If you have participated in an HP/Encompass Webcast in the past, enter your ID and Password and then select ‘Course Catalog’ and click on the link to this Webcast.