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HP reinstates MPE certification holders

OpenMPE advocate and training expert Paul Edwards reports that HP is reinstating the company's certifications in HP 3000 skills.

Much like the HP 3000 product line, the certifications won't be available to others from HP. But Edwards and his partner in HP training, Frank Alden Smith, intend to take that task over for HP, too, just as the duo started up a 3000 training business from the remains of HP's classroom materials.

Edwards reported that HP's Rich Gossman said it was a matter of days, it appears, until HP creates a credential that's inactive. That's HP's way of describing a certificate nobody else is going to get from HP — kind of like a brand spanking new 3000.

Gossman, of the Americas HP Certified Professional Program Office, said "The actual issues have all been resolved." Edwards shared Gossman's reply with us:

I just checked with Operations and there is a meeting tomorrow morning (August 4) for them to finalize the wording of the letter. They have been waiting for the new credentials to be created. Many processes involved in the creation and launch of a credential, even when it’s being created as an inactive credential (meaning no one new can get it).  In any case, it is on their list of items that need completion ASAP.

Chalk it up as another accomplishment for Edwards, Smith and the crew of veterans who want to keep the 3000 an active element in your IT enterprise. Maintaining what HP's casting away is a business opportunity.