Powerful merger of 3000 forces
HP shows strong Q3, Integrity growth

HP promises to answer MPE questions at Forum

Even at it is winding up the last push for sponsorship money, Encompass and HP are promising their September show will include "MPE — Answers to the Looming Migration Questions."

Only the meeting of OpenMPE advocates at the Forum's Campground stands as an advisory on any 3000 subject other than migration. For 75 minutes, OpenMPE's directors Birket Foster, Chuck Ciesinski and Matt Perdue will talk about "A Current Status" for the organization, a report of the ongoing efforts of the group. "Listen to a report on activities of the past year. Review plans for the next year."

If those aren't the questions that are looming for you, the rest of the Tech Forum's 3000-related lineup might be helpful. David Parsons, the HP VP of Industry Solutions and Alliance Marketing, says that CEO Mark Hurd, Executive VP Ann Livermore and CIO Randy Mott "will address upwards of 7,000 HP customers, partners, and employees at the event."

Those numbers may be easier to reach in Houston than in last year's rescheduled show in Orlando. About 4,000 showed up in Florida last fall. Houston is headquarters for a lot of HP operations, being the former hub of Compaq.

Encompass and HP remind us that for just $38 a square foot, companies can exhibit in the show floor's Pavillion for Developers and Solution Partners. Yes, that's $3,800 for 100 square feet, or an 10x10 space among many other sponsors. The Pavillion is an outpost in the 100,000 square foot Technology Exchange, produced by Encompass. Pavillion spaces are smaller than the 10x10 slots, usually just big enough for an overhead sign, a podium table with room for a desktop server.

The user group reports that there's more than 200 hands-on sessions and more than 400 technical sessions at the Forum. We found this show to be a good place to research HP's 3000 alternatives, as well as learn about managing your first HP-UX or Windows Server. HP also plans to talk about its future with the Intel Dual Core line of processors.

As for the those Looming Migration Questions, the show will offer answers by letting customers:

Connect with HP and third party vendors in the Technology Exchange to discuss the software tools users rely upon and the hardware that makes up the HP e3000 ecosystem.

Ensure your company’s business needs are heard by HP product engineers.

Learn what to do and what not to do to get ready for migration. HP’s engineering community will present what should be done to prepare for migration, what you need to think about, and what you will not have to worry about.

Get the technical knowledge to not only assist you in planning the system transition, but also on how to achieve the best co-existence with your existing environments.