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Free ERP training, just a fortnight away

Just two weeks from today at the San Francisco Airport, a Free Day of expert ERP training takes off. Aug. 23 is the Free Training Day for this year's CAMUS conference, an event with significant support from HP 3000 companies and vendors. If you're going, say hello to 3000 NewsWire sponsors Pivital Solutions, MB Foster, Speedware, HP, Genisys and the Support Group. Jeff Milde of CAMUS says:

On Wednesday, August 23, CAMUS is sponsoring a no-charge MK and MANMAN Training Day.  If you live near San Francisco, you can bring as many people as you want to these training sessions and not pay a dime (but please go to and fill out the “Free Training Day Only Registration Form” so we’ll know how many to expect for the free lunch).  Of course, we hope these attendees will stay for the rest of the Conference, but if not, then okay.  It’s the CAMUS motto, “Users Helping Users,” in its purest form.  The very best teachers in the MK and MANMAN fields have volunteered their time to help the entire community:  David Cervelli, Alice West, Chris Jones, Terri Glendon Lanza, Tim Peer, Susan Kiezel, Terry Floyd, Robert Bruce, and others will be on hand.

Three simultaneous topic-specific sessions are scheduled throughout the day on Wednesday and 4 or 5 of these experts will be in another room to go one-on-one or teach 2 or 3 people any particular topic they wish to dive into.  If there’s a session on Financials you don’t want to attend, go to the “wildcard” room and talk in depth about almost any feature of MANMAN you can name.  MK users will have an all-day Training Track with David Cervelli of Strategic Systems Group, Inc., so please bring those new users. 

Even if you know you’ll be leaving MK or MANMAN in the next year or two, your company will surely benefit by having users who understand your current system; if nothing else, they’ll help you do a better job of migration when that time comes.  If they stay for the Conference, they’ll learn a lot about the replacement software selection process.

Bay Area and California customers can obviously make late plans to be at the Hyatt Regency at the SFO airport up in Burlingame. But even through the early-bird deadline passed at the start of the month, the conference is reasonably priced and has one-of-a-kind instructors. Their advice is aimed at ERP sites both migrating or homesteading. ERP, and its manufacturing heartland, forms the biggest base of HP 3000 customer applications.

Head out to the CAMUS conference page to download a passel of PDFs that will give you a reason to be "going to San Francisco," as the song goes. You can download the latest schedule in a PDF, too.