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Encompass director provides picks

In the interest of easy choice, Encompass board member Chris Koppe of Speedware has provided his list of session picks for the upcoming HP Tech Forum, now less than a month away. Koppe's company is a HP Platinum migration provider, but also delivers the Speedware development environment as well as the AMXW migration suite — an ease-your-way set of programs to let a 3000 customer become a Windows or HP-UX site.

Koppe's picks — kind of like the "staff picks" in your favorite bookstore — as reported in an Encompass e-mail:

Session 1243:  HP e3000 Transition and Migration Customer Panel
Session 1621:  Successful Migrations: Making Them Happen
Session 1749:  HP e3000 Business Update
Session 1881:  OpenMPE: A Current Status
Session 1229:  HP e3000 Peripheral and High Availability Environment

If you're headed to Houston for the Forum, we think these are good sessions for the 3000 manager. In addition to the OpenMPE update, there might even be something to learn about homesteading in that HP Business Update. That update is being led by Dave Wilde, who's been the e3000 Business Manager but now goes by the title of ESS (Enterprise Storage & Servers) Installed Base Marketing

Looking over the public catalog summaries of the Forum's breakouts, you'll see that HP plans to cover a lot of ground in the 75 minutes that Wilde speaks along with Jennie Hou (also a longtime 3000 division member)

A high-level summary of developments in the HP e3000 business during the last year, recent news, and a review of what customers and partners can expect from HP during the next couple of years.

• Learn how HP is helping customers and partners transition to other HP platforms

• Find out how HP is supporting companies’ business-critical environments as they transition

And, for the 3000 customer not well-along on a migration path, or even considering that road:

• Address the concerns of companies that may continue to depend on the HP e3000 to meet some business needs beyond HP’s end-of-support date

• Participate in a question and answer session