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Third 7.5 PowerPatch readies for takeoff

Details and conflict at the Tech Forum

With less than four weeks to go until the HP Technology Forum opens, the list of 3000-related sessions grows a little larger. OpenMPE board member Chuck Ciesinski reports that he's chairing a roundtable panel on Business Continuity Planning at the Forum. The advice will apply no matter what operating environment drives your enterprise. Evidence of that claim lies in the panel's makeup:

Bill Hassell, HP-UX expert
Keith Parris, OpenVMS expert
Richard Light, HP Recovery Operations Manager
Birket Foster, founder, Platinum migration partner MB Foster
Rick Eccher, CIO, Community Partners
Manny Masongsong, CEO, Basilica Software Corp.

Ciesinski, now the Senior Unix Administrator at Applied Biosystems, chairs the roundtable. The session kicks off at 11 AM Monday, right after HP's top executives Mark Hurd, Ann Livermore and HP's CIO Randy Mott speak. (Mott is said to be cool to the idea of classic HP telecommuting in the company's IT operations. Much of the remaining HP 3000 lab goes to work in their own home.)

The conflict at the Tech Forum? That lies in that scheduling, according to Ciesinski. Dave Wilde, the business manager for the e3000, updates the 3000 community in a talk at the same time.

The business continuity session could very well contain more fresh information than customers will hear at HP's Business Update talk. It's reasonable to expect that the extension of two extra years of basic-level support for the 3000 — at the least, and all beyond 2006 — will be presented as news. HP's involvement with the 3000 community is on the wane overall.

That doesn't mean that we won't be there listening for something we haven't yet heard about HP's end-game for the 3000. HP is fully in the migration business for the 3000 by now, although PowerPatches are still on the lab's lineup for the next few years.

But the continuity session, number 1745 in the catalog, isn't the only addition to the 3000 content. Ciesinski is now leading a  Preparing for MPE/iX System Recovery session, a pick from the waiting list of talks submitted to the conference. This is homesteading advice presented at the Technology Forum, the only listed session on the MPE track — other than Tuesday's OpenMPE update — that doesn't include the word "migrate" in its title. The new session promises the details to "prepare for recovering from a catastrophic disaster."

• Learn how to prepare for onsite facilities and at external locations
• Discuss a number of topics, including CSLTs, disc compatibility, hardware requirements, operating system issues, third-party software, and personnel

At least there's not as much competition for the OpenMPE update, now moved to 9:30 Tuesday. This kind of "Campground" meeting had been relegated to the end of the day at last year's Forum, narrowing attendance significantly.