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Comp Three joins Resource 3000

HP 3000 technical resources form alliances on a regular basis, here in the era of Transition. Today we got word that Resource 3000 has gathered in Comp Three, the company that cooked up its TIPS database migration tool back in 2005.

Comp Three's president John Hohn has weighed in on the opportunities in moving from IMAGE to an SQL database.

There are many advantages to SQL; one that we found is, by rewriting our complicated reports to not use cursors (doing  intermediate summations with unions instead of programmatic  adding up of numbers inside cursor loops) we can complete reports  in seconds (yes, seconds!) that used to take 20-30 minutes on the HP 3000.

When Resource 3000 first formed up in 2004, the company sounded like it was dedicated exclusively to the mission of helping the customer determined to stay on its HP 3000s beyond HP's deadline for ending support. The group has since expanded its reach to include helping companies get ready for migration, if not doing it outright. For the moment, Resource 3000 migration offerings are focused on tools like TIPS to get the job done yourself.

TIPS is now available through Resource 3000.  From the alliance release:

Comp Three joins Allegro Consultants, Ideal Computer Services, Orbit Software and Lund Performance Solutions in providing the e3000 community with a total solution for their data processing needs well into the future.

Comp Three is an IT services firm which specializes in providing data and application integration, migration, new application development and data warehousing services. Its co-founders began their careers at HP working on the e3000 platform and have worked on numerous e3000 projects and migrations over the years. Comp Three handles all aspects of IT projects: gathering requirements, creating design documents, coding and creating new applications as necessary and moving projects through SOX/SDLC compliance issues.

Resource 3000 combines the experience and expertise of its partners to provide a unique total solution for the e3000 community. Resource 3000 offers hardware and software support and consulting as well as backup and performance solutions for those customers who have elected to remain on the e3000 platform beyond its official “end of life.” In addition, R3K provides a comprehensive suite of migration tools to facilitate movement to a new platform.

Comp Three augments the Resource 3000 offering with a strong “hands on” track record of success helping firms adapt or migrate their e3000 platform. In addition, they have created TIPS, the HP 3000 data migration tool which automatically converts e3000 IMAGE and Powerhouse schemas and data to Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL on Windows or Unix.