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Amisys advances its healthcare app

Amisys Synertech Inc. (ASI), which owns the customer base of and applications for AMISYS/3000 and Unix-based Amisys Advance, rolled out another generation of its healthcare HP-UX app with an announcement last week.

The Version 3.1 of Advance promises enhanced navigational capabilities as its chief upgrade, along with the maturity of having another year of field testing integrated into the app. ASI started booting up Advance on former HP 3000 sites in 2005, when it released version 2.0.

Release 3.1 of the enterprise-wide and functionally rich information management application builds upon enhancements delivered in Release 3.0 by featuring an array of streamlined navigational capabilities.

“With the Release 3.1 of AMISYS Advance, we have enhanced the industry’s most functionally rich payer application by further streamlining the product’s navigational features,” said Tom Hurley, ASI’s Chief Technology Officer.  “The intuitively designed application improves ease of use, which translates into higher productivity and increased accuracy for our customers.”

Specifically, Release 3.1 further improves the application’s efficiency and user-friendliness by offering

  • Redesigned AMISYS application windows
  • Updated command bar
  • Redesigned format for Window-specific functions
  • Redesigned format for global functions
  • Streamlined menu pages to replace the navigation tree

Various Claims and Reference & Control windows were also redesigned in the new release to include tabbed pages for easier navigation.

AMISYS Advance Release 3.0 improved upon the GUI browser migration and introduced the concept of user-controlled screens and menus while featuring an array of critical enhancements, including:

  • Pricing on multiple modifiers – enables health plans to realize increased cost-savings by reducing labor-intensive manual processes.
  • Modify addresses in batch – allows a health plan to load, enter and modify different addresses and entity types in a batch setting, significantly improving productivity and efficiency.
  • nterim bills for outpatient claims – allows interim bills to be identified from bill type, in addition to using discharge status. 
  • Automatic advance of premium paid-through date – minimizes erroneous calculations and keystrokes by automating the advancement of the paid-through date during the batch cash process. 

AMISYS/3000 customers number fewer than 100, so the wholesale migration of them won't swamp the available migration assistance resources of the community, But Amisys customers make heavy use of "surround code" on the 3000 version of their app. The better Advance gets, the more opportunity that flows to that migration services part of the community — which includes companies still supporting and developing 3000 products, too.

ASI’s product portfolio includes business process outsourcing solutions, an integrated customer service application and a consumer-directed healthcare administration offering. Its 3000-related business is a small part of the company's enterprises.