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Contributions frozen, one summer later

Encompass revives a moving SIG

Interex Special Interest Groups often provided some of the best value from the now-defunct user group. More useful information about HP's plans and help from the community passed in SIG-MPE, SIG-COBOL and SIG-IMAGE rooms, among many of the SIGs, than in any CEO's keynote. Interex didn't embrace SIGs with the same vigor that it showed for Regional User Groups. The lack of specialization in the RUGs, along with their declining volunteer supporters, contributed to the demise of Interex.

Now in the same month when Interex slipped under during 2005, the Encompass user group is bringing one of the Interex SIGs back online, literally. Encompass coordinator Barbara O'Connor reported that SIG Migrate is making a comeback on a browser near you.

Encompass has been working with [Speedware's] Nicolas Fortin to launch SIG MIGRATE under the Encompass umbrella. To officially kick off this SIG, we are holding a launch Webcast on July 26.

An initial online meeting is right in step with what the 3000 community can afford these days. This month's try at 3000 education from MPE-Education.com would have been delivered "the Virtual Classroom Environment that is instructor-led," said instructor Paul Edwards. He added that they'll "try to schedule another class in the fall, after summer vacations are over."

But next Wednesday, Encompass wants you to log in to its first SIG Webcast if you are "thinking about or in the process of migrating off the HP e3000." The user group is calling SIG-Migrate its newest SIG. As I recall, it was one of the newest SIGs in the Interex roster, too.

Encompass says the SIG is "dedicated to help HP e3000 companies interested in the subject of system transition, connect together and get access to information, resources and solutions." If you've already migrated and want to share your stories of dragons slayed, they'd like to have you online, too.

The webcast will provide an overview of the SIG, its mission and plans for current and future activities, as well as a special guest who will have some unique insight from large migration projects in-progress. In addition, all attendees will be entered to win an Amazon.com gift certificate. If you own an HP e3000 and are interested in this subject, be sure to join us and learn more!

Migration-bound 3000 sites can register for the Webcast by visiting the Encompass Web site for Webcasts. At the bottom of the page lies a link to the registration page. Click on the link and follow these instructions:

- If you have never participated in an Encompass/HP webcast, click on 'First Time Users Click Here To Register'.
* Please use hpencompass as your signup password
* You will need to create a User ID and password for yourself; it is important that you remember this information as you will need it when you log into the website for the webcast.
* Please be sure to test your PC on the HP Virtual Room 2-3 days prior to the webcast. If you any have problems when you test, please call the HP Virtual Room help desk at (888) 351-4732 so that the problem can be solved prior to the webcast.

If you have participated in an HP/Encompass webcast in the past, enter your ID and Password and then select 'Course Catalog' and click on the webcast(s) in which you would like to participate.