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Acucorp's aid and view of migration

A few weeks back we introduced the 7.2 version of extend, the COBOL development suite from Acucorp which includes the AcuCOBOL compiler. The company has added some new features in AcuCOBOL to help HP 3000 users looking for a 3000-compatible compiler while moving to a new platform:

In Version 7.2, there were several minor changes added that extend the  HP 3000-specific functionality of our products. These were all designed to improve HP 3000 compatibility with ACUCOBOL-GT and AcuBench, and include the ability to link non-parsable COPY files in graphical Working-Storage.

As we said earlier, Acucorp has been at work longer than any company, with success, at building a compiler that will take on the 3000's COBOL II code with the least number of changes.

In addition, Acucorp's spokesperson Kendra DeWitt gave us a benchmark of how much migration has been happening among its customers from the 3000 to other systems:

We have more than 70 customers worldwide that have migrated from the HP 3000 to a new platform. The majority of these customers are corporate end users. A smaller percentage are ISVs (or companies that use our software in the development of their own software packages). Notable new ISV accounts include Computer & Software Enterprise, Inc. and Software Technology Concepts.