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New blades from HP are C-class

HP's Webcast of this morning rolled out a new line of hardware in its BladeSystem server family, products that HP believes make changing an enterprise on the fly easier than ever.

These C-class blade systems pre-integrate networking, power and cooling and management into a consolidated datacenter architecture. HP says its new c-Class portfolio "enables customers to deploy application environments on the fly, set and meet power budgets, and increase administrative productivity. The revolutionary architecture is focused on innovating three key areas — virtualization, power and cooling, and management — a combination that delivers ground-breaking capabilities and cost savings."

The HP announcement included three specific innovations for the hardware, expected to begin shipping next month:

  • Virtual Connect Architecture, to solve networking complexity challenges and simplify operations.
  • HP Thermal Logic Technologies, to help customers to maximize their power budget and ensure application availability with monitoring at the component, enclosure and rack levels.
  • HP Insight Control Management, so the HP BladeSystem c-Class integrates into HP’s Unified Infrastructure Management. The vendor is also offering optional Essentials software plug-ins to manage servers and storage from a single console

HP said the innovations of "the new HP BladeSystem enables user to wire computing resources once and change them on the fly, dynamically adjust power and cooling to reduce energy consumption, and increase administrative productivity up to tenfold."